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Friday, 7 March 2014

4 reasons to use synthetic transmission fluid

There are many reasons to use synthetic transmission fluid, but here are the top four!

Maybe you’ve heard the pro-synthetic experts explaining the reasons to use synthetic transmission fluid; or maybe you’ve had the opposite camp dissuading you from using synthetic transmission fluid?

The truth of the matter is that there are several advantages to using a synthetic transmission fluid over a regular crude-based one, but before deciding between the two, it is important that you check with your vehicle’s owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations or consult with a
professional lubricants company such as Habot Synthetic Lubricants.

If your manufacturer does recommend the use of a synthetic transmission fluid, then the reasons to use synthetic transmission fluid you will find below will give you confidence that by using a synthetic product in your vehicle's transmission, you will benefit from many years of dependable service, and reduced maintenance costs.

The top reasons to use synthetic transmission fluid in your automatic transmission.

Syntheic Fluids Have Better Resistance to Oxidation.

Engineered from synthetic base fluid means that synthetic transmission fluids have superior oxidation resistance when compared to regular fluids. This means they last longer and the transmission fluid change interval is also significantly increased.

Some laboratory tests and performance testing of the 2 types of transmission lubricants highlight one of the reasons to use synthetic transmission fluid is that quality synthetic transmission fluids using quality additive packages sustain a higher performance up to 3 times longer than regular crude transmission fluid does.

Smoother Shifting because of better viscosity stability across a wide temperature range. 

Because a synthetic based fluid can be engineered more exactly for viscosity, (the thickness of the fluid) it can often meet lubricating and viscosity standards better than a petroleum-based product across a wide range of operating temperatures.

Therefore one of the main reasons to use synthetic transmission fluid is its ability to maintain viscosity across a broad temperature range. Consequently, when using a synthetic fluid you can expect your vehicle to shift more smoothly, whether it’s hot or cold. Coupled to the smooth shifts is a smoother more consistent torque convertor lock up and better converter efficiency at high temperatures.

Using synthetic transmission fluid Reduces Operating Costs.

Because synthetic automatic transmission fluids (ATF) do not need to be changed as frequently as a regular products, fewer transmission lube services will mean more money in your pocket. And there’s the hassle factor of booking your car in for a lube service and then getting to the garage and having to wait for the job to be completed.

Extended Transmission Life.

Enhanced extreme-pressure additives provide 5-times better film strength than petroleum ATFs resulting in reduced clutch and gear wear compared to petroleum ATFs.

Using synthetic transmission fluid also results in your automatic transmission running cooler and cleaner.

Although there are many other reasons to use synthetic transmission fluid, these should be important enough to at least get you thinking.