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Monday, 21 April 2014

5 things you must know about engine sludge build up.

The 5 thing you must know about engine sludge build up to save your engine!

Engine sludge build up, popularly known as “Black Death”, is a problem that plagues some vehicles more than others . In 2007, a state judge in Louisiana approved an out-of-court settlement of a class-action suit against Toyota covering 3.5 million vehicles. Under the settlement, Toyota would repair vehicles with sludge damage if owners could prove a reasonable effort was made to maintain the vehicle correctly.

What causes engine sludge build up?

Amongst the most
Friday, 11 April 2014

Thinner synthetic motor oil won’t damage your engine.

Thinner synthetic motor oil won’t damage your engine, but could save you money.

There are several engine oil myths surrounding using a thinner synthetic motor oil in engines: Often these revolve around older engines, and the use of the ultra low viscosity engine oils.

When a thinner synthetic motor oil will not be appropriate.

Using thinner synthetic motor oil, such as 0W20 in old engines that were specified to run with 20W50
Tuesday, 1 April 2014

3 Reasons why motor oil deteriorates.

The 3 most important reasons why motor oil deteriorates.

It is common knowledge that, at some point, engine oil must be changed but many people don’t know why motor oil deteriorates, they believe it car oil merely becomes contaminated over time. They believe if you keep the oil clean, it will last forever. This is not true.

The fact is, all lubricants will fail at some point.