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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Synthetic Oils, And The 7 Great Myths.

The 7 Great Myths Surrounding Synthetic Oils!

With so many myths and claims surrounding synthetic oils, the saying, “a little knowledge is dangerous” comes to mind. From the extremes of wild claims of indestructible properties to the myths that synthetic oils are not compatible with certain petrols, synthetic oils invoke a lot of discussion.

Understanding synthetic oils

Synthetic motor oils are fuel efficient, extended life lubricants manufactured from select base stocks and special purpose additives. Synthetic oil base stocks
Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How Using Hydraulic Filters Will Extend Equipment Life

Investing in effective hydraulic filters could save you a fortune in downtime.

Dirt in a hydraulic system is a potential killer, and without the correct hydraulic filters the dirt will silently destroy your investment. The dirt we’re talking about is usually so fine that you’d battle to see it with the naked eye.

But by effectively controlling the level of contaminants (dirt) to acceptable levels you can reduce system failure by as much as 75%.

That is extremely important when you consider the
Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What causes centrifugal pump bearing failure?

Centrifugal pump bearing failure can cost a lot of money!

On face value it seems silly to ask what causes centrifugal pump bearing failure. A bearings life is determined by the number of hours it will take for the metal to "fatigue" and that is a function of the load on the bearing, the number of rotations, and the amount of lubrication it receives. Companies predict pump bearing life measured in years.

What factors cause centrifugal pump bearing failure.

There are two main causes of centrifugal pump bearing failure:
  • Contamination of the