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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Oil contamination in mining can be very costly

Understanding oil contamination in mining equipment is vital.

Oil contamination in mining equipment is a daily occurrence and very difficult to overcome.

However, oil contamination in a mine can be reduced by following a few simple steps. Mining equipment operates under extreme conditions: Often either extremely hot or cold, but even worse - very dusty. This dust contains extremely abrasive particles that can reduce equipment life, eventually resulting in
Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Using Phosphate Ester Fluids

Phosphate Ester fluids are commonly found in fire resistant fluids, but how should they be used?

Phosphate Ester fluids were only discovered in the 1940’s, but since then their usage has seen a steady growth as a result of their fire and wear resistant properties

The first commercial products were synthesized from coal-tar derivatives and were consequently composed of a mixture of various isomeric aryl phosphates, including the neurotoxic orthotolyl phosphate. Today, other raw materials are used for the synthesis of phosphate esters. Modern technology
Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Can Extreme pressure oil additives damage gears?

Why would Extreme Pressure oil additives damage Gears?

The primary reason Extreme Pressure oil additives damage Gears is because the chlorine, potassium-borate and sulfur-phosphorus extreme pressure (EP) additives, primarily used for industrial gear lubrication, protect through chemical reaction.

These EP oil additives are temperature-activated and react with the metal to form a sacrificial film.

EP oil additives can cause severe damage through chemical reaction:

  • Extreme pressure additives such as the sulfur phosphorus types can be “too chemically reactive,” resulting in polishing wear. 
This type of wear reduces gear accuracy by
Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Can you save costs by replenishing oil additives?

So you think you can save money by merely replenishing oil additives.

The truth however is that, replenishing oil additives to return the oil back to it’s original state, is virtually impossible. Contrary to what was recently published in an "End times report", suggesting that by cleaning the oil and “topping” up with fresh oil you would be able to return the oil back to an acceptable condition. In an emergency this might be acceptable; but it’s likely to cause accelerated wear under severe operating conditions.


How are oil additives depleted?

Over time, effective Lubricating oil additives are depleted
Friday, 4 January 2013

Choosing the correct hydraulic oil

By choosing the correct hydraulic oil you can realise substantial savings.

Choosing the correct hydraulic oil can be as simple as sticking to the manufactures’ specifications. But in this age of constant change, sticking to the book could be limiting both the efficiency and life of the equipment.

What Information Do You Need Before Choosing The Correct Hydraulic Oil.

For most machines, there are many options when it comes