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Monday, 26 August 2013

How to choose the best hydraulic oil.

Choose the best hydraulic oil to reduce downtime and costs.

Most people choose the best hydraulic oil based solely on the manufacturers specifications. While this is very important (And during the warranty period, it’s vital) the correct selection of hydraulic oils entails much more.

Hydraulic systems have become extremely sophisticated over the past few years. Speed and pressure have increased tremendously. A few years ago, hydraulic pressures of 30 to 70 Bar, or even 100 Bar were common. Today, pressures are as high as 700 Bar in certain
Monday, 19 August 2013

The temperature affects on air compressor oil.

Temperature affects air compressor oil as well as performance!

When ambient air is compressed to do work for you, considerable heat of compression is released and this temperature affects air compressor oil as well as compressor performance. As an illustration, the heat of compression released from a 100 horsepower air compressor could heat 4 homes in the worst of winter. If not handled properly in the summer, this heat can become a killer.

What are the temperature affects on air compressor oil.

Excessive heat has a severe impact on most compressor oils. It is a well accepted rule
Monday, 12 August 2013

Save fuel by using synthetic gear oil.

Is it really possible to save fuel using synthetic gear oil?

With the ever increasing price of fuel (Diesel and petrol) the internet is full of fuel saving tips but not many mention how to save fuel using synthetic gear oil. It’s easy to accomplish and works everytime.

The basics behind getting better mileage from a vehicle are simple; decrease rolling resistance, improve aerodynamics, reduce weight, and improve the powertrain's efficiency.

Proper tyre inflation helps minimize rolling resistance.

Help your vehicle's aerodynamics by not driving with luggage carriers, bike racks, to spoil the aerodynamics.

Remove all unnecessary equipment from
Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Is there a lifetime engine oil?

Why lifetime engine oil isn’t possible.

Imagine if a lifetime engine oil was possible! No messy oil changes, no costly labour and parts: So why is this not a reality?

Already manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen fill their transmissions with lifetime transmission fluid and claim the original fluid will last the life of the transmission. By way of example a 2009 BMW came with a 4-year 100,000-kilometer warranty which included no oil changes: And if you examine the service schedule you’ll see there’s no transmission oil service in this period.