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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Can you save costs by replenishing oil additives?

So you think you can save money by merely replenishing oil additives.

The truth however is that, replenishing oil additives to return the oil back to it’s original state, is virtually impossible. Contrary to what was recently published in an "End times report", suggesting that by cleaning the oil and “topping” up with fresh oil you would be able to return the oil back to an acceptable condition. In an emergency this might be acceptable; but it’s likely to cause accelerated wear under severe operating conditions.


How are oil additives depleted?

Over time, effective Lubricating oil additives are depleted
performing the function for which they were intended, degraded by hydrolysis, mechanical shearing, condensation settling, water washing, particle scrubbing, etc.

The rate of depletion or degradation depends upon the application and the environment. In particular, heat, pressure, shear rate, fuel sulfur, soot, dirt, water, aeration and the presence of catalytic metals (copper, iron, etc.) affect the rate of depletion.

Replenishing oil additives using the “Bleed and Feed” Method.

Regarding replenishment, whenever you top-up a lubrication system, you are replenishing additives. Likewise, you can perform a partial drain and replacement (often referred to as bleed-and-feed).

This strategy can work if the base oil is not degraded. If the base oil has been degraded, adding new oil will only temporarily bolster the additive pack and dilute the contaminant PPM. The additives in the new oil will probably be compromised within the first hours of use, leaving you right back where you started.

Replenishing oil additives with over the counter solutions.

Firstly over the counter “additives” are usually actually oil treatments, often advertising to be oil additives that work:

Typically, oil additives to reduce oil consumption or oil additive for engines burning oil.

If you’re considering “dosing” the lubricant yourself: Forget it!

 Casual addition of additives into a formulated oil can be dangerous and should be avoided. The additive package and dosage of the original oil will probably be unknown, and therefore any attempt is likely to fail.

The cost of replacing worn out or even worse, failed equipment is much higher than a planned maintenance schedule.

If you want to really save money, instead of taking a chance with replenishing oil additives contact Habot synthetic Lubricants: We have synthetic lubricants that can safely save you money on energy and maintenance.