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Monday, 28 October 2013

Benefits of using 0W-20 synthetic engine oil.

What are the benefits of using 0W-20 synthetic engine oil?

More and more cars leave the factory filled with 0W-20 synthetic engine oil, this is in order to meet ever tightening emissions and fuel consumption regulations. In a world that is increasingly aware of pollution and dwindling natural resources, this trend will soon become the norm.

How does 0W-20 synthetic engine oil benefit fuel consumption?

Because the motor oil is a lower viscosity there are fewer losses,
especially when the oil is cold. Quick cold weather starting and fast protection helps to extend engine life while using 0W-20 full-synthetic engine oil can achieve a 1.2% improvement in fuel economy over 10W-30 equivalent.

Synthetic lubricants have outstanding thermal and oxidation stability which reduces oil aging resulting in long lasting protection and even could also lead to extended oil change intervals.

What does the 0W-20 in 0W-20 synthetic engine oil stand for?

The figures mean the same for 0W-20 synthetic engine oil as for any crude based engine oil: The "0" is the oil's viscosity at startup when the engine is cold, "W" denotes the winter certification, and "20" is the viscosity at higher/ operating temperatures. The lower numbers indicate the oil is thinner. An additional benefit of 0W-20 synthetic engine oil is improved cold-start emissions.

 Although 0W-20 synthetic engine oil might be a little more expensive vs regular oils, the savings in fewer oil changes over the life of the vehicle could still result in a net saving. It’s important, for the vehicles warranty that prescribed intervals are not exceeded while the car is still under warranty.

Traditional 10,000-Km oil change recommendations are being phased out for 15,000-km frequencies. This is not only a saving on the oil, but it also saves money on materials and the time where the car’s in the service center.

In the next few years we’re likely to see all new cars filled with 0W-20 synthetic engine oil as the manufacturers battle to improve emissions and fuel consumption. No matter what engine oil is specified for your car Habot Synthetic Lubricants has a quality motor oil that meets or exceeds the manufacturers specifications: Contact us today!


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