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Friday, 21 March 2014

3 Reasons To Use Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil.

There are several very good reasons to use synthetic diesel engine oil!

Modern diesel engines are very sophisticated and expensive to repair, and with the motor oil often the only barrier keeping sliding surfaces apart it’s important that you use the best possible lubricant. In this article we’ll be looking at 3 good reasons to use synthetic diesel engine oil that you may have been wondering about.

The most important reason to use synthetic diesel engine oil is to save money.

The money you save extended oil change intervals is often good enough reasons to use synthetic diesel engine oil. The initial cost for a good quality synthetic diesel lubricant may be a bit higher, but turns into a cost saving when weighed up against the parts, labour, oil and inconvenience you save with the extended intervals over regular oil.

Because synthetic diesel motor oil is engineered specifically to operate in an environment where a great deal of soot and combustion byproducts have to be dealt with, the additive package is more robust than the equivalent mineral oil.

The most prevalent additives are overbase detergent additives. These additives have several functions, but the main ones are to neutralize acids and clean.

Synthetic diesel engine oil can also improve engine performance compared to regular oil.

Because synthetic diesel engine oil is very stable across a wide range of operating temperature, and in particular when hot, a lower viscosity lube can be used. This means less drag which equates to increased performance and reduced fuel consumption.

Also, low-temperature pumpability of thinner viscosity synthetic lubricant is better than crude based oils, which means that during cold starts, the engine oil gets delivered to the vital engine components in the lifter valley much quicker. This reduces engine wear considerably, thereby reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Emissions control is also an important reason to use synthetic diesel engine oil.

A catalytic converter is a housing that contains porous metal filler located between the engine and muffler in the exhaust system. Its role is to convert toxic emissions coming from the engine to stable byproducts before they enter the atmosphere. Some of the byproducts of combustion (lead, zinc and phosphorus) can severely cripple the converter’s ability to perform this job.

Therein lies an important reason to use synthetic diesel engine oil: Synthetic diesel engine oils have a higher shear strength and therefore require less or no zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP). This means the catalytic convertor will also last longer, thereby reducing harmful emissions.

Your car is an expensive investment, so the numerous reasons to use synthetic diesel engine oil ought to sway you into using a high quality synthetic motor oil, such as that produced by Habot Synthetic Lubricants. Call as now for professional advice on what lubricant you should be using.


Diesel Engines said...

As mentioned in the post diesel engines are widely used because of the lesser cost when compared to petrol engines!