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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Reducing industrial power consumption using synthetic oils

In the modern world industrial energy consumption is very costly but using synthetic oils can go a long way to reducing industrial power consumption and improve overall efficiency and performance

Reducing industrial power consumption using synthetic oils
In adopting an aggressive approach to reducing industrial power consumption in industrial systems, it is necessary to implement a strategy that extends equipment  performance, reduces heat and minimizes frictional losses. 

Studies reveal that reducing industrial power consumption can be achieved by incorporating efficient technologies and practices such as proper design of machinery and the correct choice of synthetic lubricants. This both reduces operating costs and
maintenance while improving performance.

Specifically, the use of suitable synthetic oil is vital to reducing industrial power consumption and ensuring that critical applications run at peak performance.

 The challenge of optimising lubricants has been made simple with the advent of synthetic oils and their additive technology customized for a wide range of applications and environments.

 Users are reducing industrial power consumption while improving product quality ― which eventually lead to greater profitability.
Definition of energy efficiency
E (energy) = W (work) + Q (heat)

Reducing industrial power consumption occurs when machinery output is maximized. Effective operation of pumps, compressors, fans, blowers and other industrial equipment and components is reached when the maximum amount of work is achieved vs. the total energy input (i.e. reducing power consumption due to heat and friction). Common energy inefficiencies result from overworked machines running at increased speeds, friction or at high operating temperatures causing overheating or breakdown.

While identifying these challenges is simple, without the right lubrication product in place industrial plants will continue to face production hindrances and take longer to realize investment payback through reducing industrial power consumption and extended lifespan.

Comparative lubricant studies have shown that reducing industrial power consumption through operating inefficiencies such as fluid churning or friction wear is dramatically improved using synthetic lubricants.

Other drawbacks of mineral-based products are witnessed through higher operating temperatures, increased need to re-lubricate components or even outright component

Synthetic lubricants are not only beneficial in reducing industrial power consumption but also
improve efficiency of production, potentially increasing profitability.

Alternatively, synthetic lubricants, used throughout numerous industries, bring benefits ranging from reducing industrial power consumption, reduced temperature, rust and corrosion prevention and fewer oil changes.

In reducing industrial power consumption synthetic lubricants ultimately increase efficiency levels to maintain consistent processing. For example, lubricants engineered to withstand extreme heat not only lessen heat loss, they also prolong bearing and gear life through optimization of machinery performance while eliminating production interruptions. Such benefits translate into overall cost savings while reducing industrial power consumption to achieve the same work output.

Economics of synthetic oil
Choosing a synthetic oil over a mineral-based oil maximizes energy efficiency as the initial
investment proves to be far less than the cost of energy down the line. When synthetics are tested in controlled experiments, they have shown a 1% to 8% improvement in reducing industrial power consumption over mineral oils. This is due to the fact that synthetics provide a proprietary chemical makeup that protects itself from formula depletion, thus extending the effective life of the lubricant.

In conclusion: Synthetic oils that are tailor made to meet specific operating conditions go a long way in reducing industrial power consumption.
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