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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Industrial energy savings using synthetic lubricants

Following on from last weeks article we’re going to look at industrial energy savings using Synthetic lubricants.

industrial energy savings using synthetic lubricants

Not only can companies extend their machine investments by applying energy-reducing lubricants that decrease wear and help mitigate the need of full-out replacement, but the long term industrial energy savings using Synthetic lubricants are significant .

In the case of a ball-milling operation that made the switch from a mineral-based oil to a mining-specific synthetic lubricant, this is exactly what
happened. In fact, implementing the non-asphaltic product attributed to longer pinion gear life, decreased instances of failure and reduced friction resulting in industrial energy savings estimated at R210,000 per year in overheads.

Non-direct industrial energy savings occurred from the synthetic lubricant’s excellent cling properties, which quickly formed a protective coating that actually cooled equipment.

At extreme temperature increases, the benefits of a synthetic lubricant are enhanced.

Due to the performance capabilities of synthetic lubricants, companies operating in extreme hot or cold environments also achieve industrial energy savings using Synthetic lubricants.

At a recent trial 12 pump jacks in Canada at temperatures down to -51 C gained 14% in industrial energy savings from the product’s low viscosity and pour point.

Other benefits include extended gear performance by the elimination of friction, reduced start-up torques, lower amperage draw and improved lubricant pumpability. Furthermore, the formulation minimizes downtime, prevents premature wear and only requires oil-change after five years, supporting decreased lubricant use.

Lubricant technology
Choosing a lubricant with the right balance of base oil and additive chemistry is the best way to achieve industrial energy savings. Investment in synthetic lubricant technology reduces power consumption, labour costs and equipment downtime for companies that understand the benefits of synthetic lubricants. Specifically, industrial energy savings directly result from the engineered lubricants that meet a myriad of industry-oriented applications.

In comparison to mineral oils, synthetic lubricants in field trials, consistently show higher efficiency levels and improved machine operation because of the ability of a synthetic to maintain its original properties longer. Synthetic lubricants include antioxidants for reduced oxidation by-products and extreme pressure additives for components needing to withstand heavy-loads.

Gears operating with polyglycol–based lubricants experienced less friction decreasing power loss resulting in significant industrial energy savings. This result is directly related to the synthetic lubricant’s superior viscosity characteristics, fluid density and high molecular weight. Assessment of polyalphaolefin PAO gear oils on cylindrical gears revealed less churning losses at low temperatures and less gear erosion, helping to eliminate costly maintenance.

Industrial energy savings occurs when machinery increases output without increasing the amount of input energy used (i.e., maximize work by minimizing losses due to heat and friction). This situation permits industrial companies to quickly recoup machinery investment, reduce overhead expenditures and enjoy larger profit margins.

The key to maximising industrial energy savings is making sure the right equipment is used to meet production goals and then maintain this equipment with the best synthetic oil for the application.

Use of synthetic lubricant products initiate industrial energy savings mainly as a result of additive technology that is customized to meet a variety of extreme processing environments, which ultimately drives down the cost of doing business.

The right practices and technology will bring industrial companies greater profitability by maintaining equipment performance while achieving significant industrial energy savings.
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