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Tuesday, 28 April 2015


New turbine engines require high performance advanced turbine engine oils.

Prevailing trends in aircraft turbine engine applications are driving the development of advanced turbine engine oils to their limits. These continued drive towards more powerful, lighter weight engines, with accompanying reductions in noise, emissions and fuel consumption, as well as ongoing improvements in reliability, maintainability, and longer intervals between engine overhauls has seen the birth of a new generation of advanced turbine engine oils.

These trends are driving engine thermodynamics to the limit, manifesting in dangerously high operating and soakback temperatures. As a result, engine manufacturers specify high temperature stabilized (HTS) oils in order to achieve the desired engine performance and life targets.

Advanced turbine engine oils have to meet extreme conditions.

Aircraft engine lubricants have had to keep pace with higher operating temperatures while still meeting stringent performance requirements and regulatory and environmental compliance. The demands on lubricant manufacturers include improved thermal oxidative stability, load carrying capability, reductions in vapor phase coking, and environmentally friendly additive systems.

In order for advanced turbine engine oils to be stable at higher temperatures, different and more aggressive base oil stocks are often used in conjunction with sophisticated packages of surfactants and amine-based stabilizers.

Synthetic advanced turbine engine oils are under development.

Pratt & Whitney have partnered with a major manufacturer of synthetic lubricants to test synthetic jet engine oil on PurePower engine variants.
The testing programme will comprise PurePower engines such as PW1100G-JM, PW1200G, PW1400G, PW1500G, PW800, PW1700G and PW1900G, and commenced in early 2015.

"The engines are available as option for the Airbus A320neo family and Irkut MC-21 series aircraft."

"With the success of our engines in the marketplace and their demonstrated performance, this agreement enables us to continue to find ways to exceed the performance goals we set for ourselves."

Pratt & Whitney's PurePower engines are equipped on regional and single-aisle aircraft, including Bombardier CSeries, Mitsubishi Regional Jet, Gulfstream G500 and G600 business jets, and Embraer's second-generation E-Jets.

The advanced turbine engine oils will be approved to the SAE AS5780 high-performance capability specification, and will offer various benefits, including seal compatibility, deposit control, oxidative stability and low temperature fluidity.

To meet the demands of modern turbine aircraft engines it’s important that high quality advanced turbine engine oils are used. These oils are available through quality suppliers such as Habot Oil. Call the professionals at Habot Oil for advice before deciding on which turbine engine lubricant to use.