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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How synthetic motor oil improves engine life

Take a look at how synthetic motor oil improves engine life.

There’s a common perception that synthetic motor oil improves engine life, but few people stop to think how and why this would be. It’s actually quite simple if you understand the strengths of synthetic motor oils and how these affect the workings of the IC engine.

Synthetic motor oil improves engine life through it’s unique characteristics.

Because synthetic base oil is engineered specific characteristics can be engineered to ensure that synthetic motor oil improves engine life. One of the most important being, that synthetic engine oil has a high tolerance to oxidation at higher operating temperatures, when compared to regular motor oil. This means that the lubricating properties remain intact for longer, allowing for extended engine oil changes. This is particularly important in modern turbo-charged engines where Turbo temperatures can often exceed 800C. At these temperatures regular crude based engine oils tend to oxidise very rapidly.

This also leads to long term cost savings, even though the initial cost of synthetic lubricant is slightly higher. At the same time using synthetics reduces the impact on the environment through fewer oil changes.

Synthetic motor oil improves engine life through reducing cold scuff.

Because synthetic motor oil has superior lubricity, thinner (Less viscous) oil can be used. This means that during the crucial start-up phase, when cold, lubricant reaches the high wearing zones of the engine much quicker than thicker mineral oil would. By so doing synthetic motor oil improves engine life by reducing the extremely high wear rates that result from metal to metal friction in the fraction of a second that it takes for the oil to reach areas such as the valve train.

Even though synthetic motor oil improves engine life during cold-start, the thinner oil in no way compromises engine wear at normal operating temperatures. The superior shear property of synthetic motor oil makes it better for  your motor car meaning that lubrication is in no way compromised at higher operating temperatures.

It’s important to remember that there are many types of synthetic motor oil: Even highly refined (Or hydrocracked) mineral oils are classified as synthetic lubricants. Although this synthetic motor oil improves engine life it still does not have the same characteristics as high quality fully synthetic motor oil, such as produced by Habot Oil. Before you switch to synthetic motor oil give the professionals at Habot Oil a call, they can advise you on which synthetic motor oil improves engine life.


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Barbara Cho said...

Thanks for the tips. I agree that having thicker engine oil does not mean that it is increase your engine life. I am looking for an engine oil that will increase my engines life. I will use these tips to find that oil.