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Monday, 21 July 2014

3 Reasons synthetic air compressor oil saves you money.

More expensive synthetic air compressor oil saves you money.

How is it possible that the more expensive synthetic air compressor oil saves you money?

Although air compressor oil is a consumable, which many companies ignore, it performs several important functions:
  • Protects moving parts against wear and tear 
  • Improves system efficiency by controlling temperatures 
  • Contributes to the machines energy consumption 
These are very important reasons to upgrade to synthetic compressor oil. 

Synthetic air compressor oil saves you money by ensuring superior lubrication.

Regular mineral based compressor lubricants contain natural impurities, such as paraffin and sulphur which, during operation, can result in harmful compounds such as sulphuric acids forming.

Synthetic air compressor oil saves you money by being devoid of these elements but and also thermally more stable than mineral air compressor oils. This means they are not adversely affected by higher operating temperatures often experienced in confined installations. This in turn leads to extended oil life and a reduced number of oil changes over time. This is a direct cost saving in oil, maintenance and down time.

Controlling temperatures synthetic air compressor oil saves you money.

Because synthetic lubricants offer superior lubricity and thermal stability heat transfer and reduction is significantly improved over regular compressor oils. This means that system temperatures can be reduced thereby leading to cooler charge which in turn leads to improved efficiency.

 Synthetic air compressor oil saves you money by improving efficiency which means smaller chillers and coolers can be used.

Synthetic air compressor oil saves you money by reducing energy consumption.

Because synthetic air compressor oil is thermally more stable and less prone to oxidation a thinner oil can be used. This means power losses are reduced and therefore less energy is required to run the compressor.

Also, because synthetic air compressor oil is thermally stable a thinner oil can be used, which saves energy when starting up in cold weather. Therefore over a period of time synthetic air compressor oil saves you money by reducing your energy bill.

When viewed holistically there’s no doubt that a high quality synthetic air compressor oil saves you money . It is, however, important to use the correct oil and receive professional advice before making any changes; The professionals at Habot Synthetic Lubricants will make sure you not only have the best product, but that you also have the best synthetic compressor lubricant for your application.


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