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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

3 Ways in which synthetic oil can save money.

More expensive synthetic oil can save money in many areas.

If it costs more than regular lubricant how on earth is it possible that synthetic oil can save money?

Before we even focus on synthetic lubricants we mustn’t loose sight that crude oil is being consumed at an ever increasing rate, and because this resource is finite, the prices are rising quite steadily; thus closing the price gap to synthetic oils.

Add to this the pollutant nature of all lubricants and
disposal costs also play a role – but more on this later.

Synthetic oil can save money through extending oil change intervals.

Because synthetic base stocks are engineered to meet specific functional requirements they have none of the sulphur or paraffin’s contained in crude. This means the oil is more stable at high temperatures with none of the harmfull reactions caused by impurities.

One of the most impressive properties of a synthetic lubricant where synthetic oil can save money is in it’s ability to perform at higher operating temperatures with oxidising. This means that the synthetic oil will last longer than regular oil, thereby extending the periods at which you have to change oil.

By doing this synthetic oil can save money through reduced costs of oil, filters, labour and down time. But also, fewer oil changes means less old oil to dispose of thereby reducing the impact on the environment and disposal costs.So if you've got a factory with several machines synthetic oil can cut the expensive industrial lubrication costs.

Synthetic oil can save money through reduced energy consumption.

Because synthetic lubricants are engineered fluids the viscosity is extremely stable across a wide temperature range; with very little “thinning” taking place at higher temperatures. This means thinner, less viscous oils can be used. Thinner oil means fewer losses during operation, and therefore synthetic oil can save money by reducing the energy required for any machine to do work.

If you think of your car this means synthetic oil - including synthetic gear oil could save you money on fuel. Depending on the vehicle you could be saving up to 3%!

By extending the life of machinery synthetic oil can save money.

Because the base stock oil and additives in synthetic lubricants are carefully engineered to meet the demands placed on them, their lubricity is superior to that of regular crude derived oils. This ability to lubricate wearing surfaces means that synthetic oil can save money through reducing wear on moving components. This extends the life of equipment while reducing downtime... and of course this means a significant cost saving.

This also applies to motor vehicles, where good quality synthetic lubricants can save you money on repairs.

So, although the material cost of synthetic lubricants may be slightly higher than regular oil, synthetic oil can save money through significantly reducing energy costs and equipment downtime and extending oil life.

If you’d like to find out more about how synthetic oil can save money Habot Synthetic Lubricants have a team of professionals that can advise you on the right choice of one of their high quality synthetic oils. Give us a call.


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