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Monday, 30 September 2013

Diesel engine oil in Euro 6 trucks will be important.

Diesel engine oil in Euro 6 trucks will meet the highest specifications yet.

With the world moving towards low emissions engine technology, the diesel engine oil in Euro 6 trucks will have to meet very stringent specifications in order not to impact on service intervals or equipment.

In order to meet ever tightening emissions regulations, Euro 6 trucks will rely on DPFs (diesel particulate filters) to scrub the exhaust gas to remove particulates before they enter the atmosphere.

What challenges does diesel engine oil in Euro 6 trucks face?

To maximise the service life of the DPF, In order to attain reasonable service intervals the diesel engine oil in Euro 6 trucks have to have “low ash” content. In order t to meet these requirements engine lubricants will need to meet API CJ-4 (equivalent to ACEAE9). These new oils have a maximum ash content of one per cent and are often referred to as low-ash or low SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur).

They have been developed to maximise the life of the DPF (and other exhaust after-treatment devices). They can also be used in older engines as long as ULSD (ultra-low sulphur diesel) fuel is used (otherwise the oil change interval could be reduced).

 Low-ash oils have lower amounts of trace elements in the oil additive pack, including calcium, zinc and phosphorus which, when burned, form ash. If the ash content of the oil is too high, the DPF will get clogged by ash deposits (reducing engine performance) before reaching the DPF service interval. Low-ash oils enable the DPF to require less frequent cleaning.

Also key to reducing emissions in diesel engines is exhaust gas recirculation. However EGR increases the amount of exhaust soot in the combustion chamber which subsequently finds its way into the oil. CJ-4/E9 oils also have increased dispersants to minimise this effect so the oil service interval is not impacted.

What diesel engine oil in Euro 6 trucks will work the best?

Stringent requirements on piston-cleanliness (high detergency) mean that the base oil has to be at least part-synthetic. Also the sophisticated additive pack adds more cost, which makes diesel engine oil in Euro 6 trucks more costly than many mineral-based oils; however this cost will be recovered through extended service intervals.

Fully synthetic, new generation diesel engine oil in Euro 6 trucks is formulated using the highest quality synthetic base oils and enhanced additive systems for use in the latest low-emission Euro IV, V and VI heavy-duty diesel engines. These lubricants combine the global requirements of European and US equipment manufacturers. Based on low SAPS technology (sulphated ash, phosphorous and sulphur) and developed to maximise the life of diesel particulate filters (DPF) and other exhaust after-treatment systems, these diesel motor oils are backward compatible and can therefore also be used in older engines.

With diesel engine oil in Euro 6 trucks playing a vital role in operating costs, Habot Synthetic Lubricants have high quality products that will reduce long term operating costs and downtime.